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This blogpost is to update with news on our fundraising efforts:

Help The Hammond Family

The school where Gill used to work, Francis Holland, have been fundraising on our behalf. For over ten years Gill was a much loved teacher at the school and there has been a great deal of sadness there at our circumstances. It’s incredibly moving that so many of the parents recently contributed to our fundraising.

Next Tuesday, November 6th, we are the featured family in the Portsmouth News family section. They will be profiling our fundraising efforts and we hope to garner some local support from that exposure.

Joe’s mobility declined considerably in October. We had hoped to hold on to funds raised to help pay for the adaptations to the bungalow but that would leave Joe incredibly isolated. It’s been a hard few weeks with the confirmation that I will need a feeding tube fitted. My date for that surgery is January 7th. It’s certainly the case that swallowing has become harder and the surgery seems increasingly sensible. We just need to keep going and can only do so with your incredible support.

Thanks to all of you for keeping us going. Please continue to share our story - this has made all the difference:

Help The Hammond Family

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